Meetings are still rated as the number one time waster in all of business. Why? Because they are usually too casual, and there has never been a real overhaul of how they should work and what they should do.

Our session delivers a wide selection of options for you and your team. Topics include:

  • Planning a meeting
  • Running a meeting
  • Following up
  • Rules and regulations
  • Using mobile technology in a meeting
  • Using PowerPoint
  • Choosing the best time of day, duration and location
  • The importance of food, drink and physical comfort
  • Exercise during meetings
  • Managing back-to-back meeting
  • Managing loooooong meetings (over 90 minutes)
  • Alternatives to meetings
  • Teleconference meetings
  • Web and Skype meetings
  • Applying project management techniques to meetings
  • Dealing with different personality types

The meetings component has always been one of the most successful chapters in our time management course, and many of our clients have asked for this focused, full-morning session.